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We are a data privacy protection company

This is means we keeps your data private from the world. As long as you are not shareing them. We take service charge via crypto and never ask for your phone numer or KYC. If you delete your any data from TRASH it's absolute! we have no copy of it and we couldn't restore for you. It's gone forever. Also all files here is 100% encrypted and even data center owners can't decrypt it without your key. We make the key inbuilt because most of the time people either lost the key or physically leaked so we make the key 100% digital signeture of the user and it's keeps changeing. So for now on don't afrid to upload any file on internet if your file hoster name

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Get Fastest Connections!

We the freedom on speed. Fast connections, Unlimited transfer speed, 100GE connections our data centers has. You are also gets WebDAV so other 100+ applications runs with this high speed. Stream, Sharing you can do limitless.

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Easy Mount WebDav & Share Files!

Mount your account and all files to your server or PC. Use it as your own. Do direct streaming, easy uploads, download and more.

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Earn Money Here!

First we share 50% of Paid Signup revenue. Also you can be our Reseller and can sell our vouchers.

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